Complete Guide to Start a Retail Store Business

The retail store operations field considerations all of the activities that keep a retail store functioning well every day. Operations include several aspects, like store design, display placement, client service, shoplifting interference, cash and credit handling, premises maintenance, inventory optimization, employees management and managing the complete supply chain that ends up in having products in the store.

Restaurants In T.Nagar

Chennai is the home of the good restaurants in the city. The best restaurants in T Nagar have a hard time to maintain taste and cleanliness because of the huge numbers of customers they serve every day.  T Nagar restaurants serve many varieties of cuisines like Chinese, Pizzas, Mexican, North Indian, South Indian, Gujarati, Jain food, Chettinad, Parottas and Arabian food.

Beach Resorts In ECR

Resort in ECR Chennai is the best place for Team Outing with multiple services circles names of Silver Sands Resort, Chariot Beach Resort, Country Club Jade Beach Resort, Sathyam Grand Resort. These beautiful resorts are becoming a perfect weekend getaway to give anybody experience of leisure and luxury.

buy vegetables online

We keep our veggies stored in appropriate conditions and at an ideal temperature. We don’t care about storage cost, we are ready to do all that is necessary to keep our product 100% fresh and fit to eat. We also make sure that our store representatives wear proper gloves and hairnet while handling the can even order vegetables online. It takes a few minutes that’s it.

What is March Birthstone

Aquamarine is a March birthstone described as one of the most sophisticated and beautiful jewels in the world. Aquamarine is derived from the mineral beryl, same as emerald. The March birthstone aquamarine is the true symbol of beauty and elegance. It is the symbol of happiness and everlasting youth. Aquamarine is perfect for people that frequently travels by sea since it gives an instant beautiful look as well as protection from the forces in the sea. Check what’s the birthstone for march

Ramzi Theory Gender Prediction Accuracy

The Ramzi theory accuracy:

Many argue the inconsistency with the Ramzi Theory. This is due to the lack of understanding of how to read the ultrasound scan. There is NO mirror image or flipping of the image. This is why many mistakes happen using the Ramzi theory. If you are unsure ask the ultrasound technician/sonographer when having your examination which side the placenta is on. He or she Must scan in a true tranverse view to locate the placenta. Looking at the placenta in a sagital view will not work in order to determine the gender of the baby. Many technicians are not familiar with this method so asking them for the placenta / Chorionic Villi sidedness will help you to read the scan and interpret the Ramzi theory.

kabbalamma temple

Kabbalamma Temple is located in the Kabbal village, Ramanagara district, Karnataka. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Shakti. Goddess Shakti is worshipped in the form of Goddess Kabbalamma. It is believed that the god shrine for nearly 28 villages in the surrounding region. The best time to visit the temple from October to February. Find about Kabbalamma Temple

Bajaj discover150s

Bajaj  has finally launched the much-awaited Discover 150 S    on 11th August 2014 in India. This 150cc bike will surely compete with the likes of Honda CB Shine and Hero Glamour. Bajaj discovers a closer at the Discover 150 S. The tag-line for the bike is ‘Ek Naya Josh’ which is claimed to deliver an impressive mileage of 72 km.

Hp gas Care

HP Gas, the HPCL brand of LPG, is what keeps the fire burning in millions of Indian homes.

Bottled at 48 LPG Bottling Plants throughout the country with a total capacity of over 3610 thousand metric tonnes per annum (TMTPA), HP Gas reaches you after thorough checking at every stage right from bottling to distribution. That is what makes HP gas customer care Gas synonymous with Safety.