Top 5 Restaurant Management Software for Billing and Invoicing

When choosing a POS software for your restaurant business there are a few things you need to consider.

  1. Features
  2. Price
  3. Security
  4. Easy to use

Here is a list of 5 POS Software for restaurant management.
1. GoFrugal Restaurant

  • Express KOT App
  • Pricing & Delivery
  • Design a Profitable menu
  • Manage Inventory & Recipes
  • Kitchen Display system

GoFrugal restaurant management software helps to reduce table wait time, manage inventory and increase profits. Few of its features are menu designing, inventory management, table management, pricing & delivery, mobile order taking, kitchen management, security, and recipe management.

2. HD Restaurant

  • Pictorial Billing
  • Combo Management
  • Event Log Management
  • Table Booking
  • Kitchen Order Token
  • Coupons & Offers

HD restaurant solution is designed for restaurants, coffee shops, fast food counters, pubs & hotels.

3.Marg ERP9+ Restaurant Software

  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Menu Management
  • Credit Card & Gift Card Processing
  • Food Costing
  • Food and Beverage Costing
  • Multi-Currency Support

Marg’s Restaurants & Bar software is one of the best software for restaurants and bars. It helps to manage restaurants and bars efficiently.

4. Posist Food Business Management 

  • Billing
  • CRM
  • Stock & Inventory
  • Reporting & Analytics

5. Rejag РRestaurant Billing Software

POS or Billing Software is a computer application which automates the process of billing, inventory & accounting of any retail or distribution business of any commodity.
It is also widely used in restaurants, bakerys& also by manufacturers to manage their inventory, billing & accounting.
It also offers various features like providing offers to customers, customer loyalty programs, mobility apps, Sales representative tracking, Multichain business management, Barcoding, etc.
Some of the Features are:
Reduce table waiting time, Manage Inventory, Manage consumption of, Ingredients, Serve Fast, Bulk preparation, Recipe management, Instant order taking, KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket), Access to real-time reports